SlaytLine -
How To Book a Performance or Training Session:
Contact Sara at her email address
with the following information:
1.Name of organization & representative
2. Email address of organization
3. Proposed date of event
4. Proposed format of event including    time, theme, number of participants
5. Budget for performance and/or training
...Sara will then reply within 7 days with a proposal...

  • Sara is generally available throughout the Midwest, but will consider other locations
  • Fees are subject to change and will include travel expenses
  • All performances and/or training sessions will be contracted through SlaytLine
  • Bookings should be made as early as possible as her calendar of events fills up quickly
  • Cluster bookings, two or more bookings in a single area, are appreciated. Often local groups work together to bring her in for several events in a two or three day period, splitting travel expenses.

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