SlaytLine -
"I have used what Sara taught me every single day of my work with children"
Sue W.  Child Center Director
 Sara has presented hundreds of workshops and training sessions.  She works with small staffs as well as
convention-sized audiences. 
She is well known for her warm and knowledgeable approach.
Storytelling Workshop Topics:
  • The Beginning Storyteller
  • Storytelling For...(Adults,Children, Organizations, Business)
  • Telling Your Life Story
  • Origin Stories For Business & Organizations
  • Healing Stories
  • Wisdom/Peace Tales
  • The Story of...(A Profession)

Healing Topics:
  • Writing as Therapy During Illness
  • The Healing Power of Fairy Tales
  • A Personal Journey Through Cancer
Storytelling For Adults class
....the usual format is listed below, but I can adapt to your needs as well...
  • 10 weeks -1 night a week
  • 2-3 hours a night
  • covers storytelling basics
  • Students will learn and tell 2-3 stories during the class
  • working with others and coaching others to success are major parts of the class
  • class is adapted to the needs of each particular group of students
Spring 2017 class information
is listed below
                 Storytelling For Adults class  
                  Thursday evenings  February 9 - April 13, 2017
                  La Crosse Community  Theater; La Crosse, WI
  • Do you want to share family stories with your
  • children or grandchildren?   
  • Do you want to tell the story of your business
  • or organization?  
  • Do you want to improve your speaking and
  • teaching skills?   
  • Do you want to enliven your presentations and speeches?            
  • Then this course is for you!        
Whether you want to improve your command of languageor your gift of gab, please join us!   
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